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CBS Radio Mystery Theater presents…

Do you ever just want some peace and quiet from traffic and television and even your own thoughts about things? Ever long for the good old days? I remember when I lived in southern Spain from 1981 to 1984, and aside from US Navy base there, another way for me to stay connected to my American heritage was spending evenings in my beach front apartment where I had no phone and no television, listening to the radio.  Thank goodness for Armed Forces Radio and the evening broadcasts of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater, hosted by E. G. Marshall.

Tonight, I discovered a fan sites and listened in with my daughter while I flat-ironed her hair.  It was nice to remember the days of old, and not use my eyes and reconcile my brain to commercials and the realities of modern t.v.  Now, I’m only 46 and I realize that the days of old reach farther back than 1981, but.. you know what I mean.  Those were the good old days for me.  I appreciate that these radio broadcasts have been preserved and am thankful to the fans who are dedicated to sharing their collections with the rest of us.

Here’s a fan site of note for you to link to.  Enjoy!


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