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What’s The Deal with Travel Zoo?

Originally posted at JackieMagic, an article I wrote about good deals to be had at Travel Zoo.

Since I’ve got my groove back and I love travel deals.. I have to tell you about Travelzoo Top 20®: The Internet’s most popular list of the best travel deals of the week. Every week they search 900+ companies for their very best sales and compile this Top 20® list. You can join 12 million others – free! If you haven’t already!

About four years ago a friend named Justin invited me to join the Travelzoo Top 20® email list. Justin was from San Diego, I think.. or maybe it was Denver.. When he wasn’t out of town on company business, he was with friends and family in San Diego, Denver and in the north east. Justin’s one of the most whimsical, straight guys I’ve ever met! SMU alumni, speaks French; As our employer was India based, he and I were the only Americans in our Addison office. I think of him as the white version of Russell Peters. Funny guy, smart, great mimicker! And Justin inspired my daughter to consider SMU. Anyway, I soon got to know Travelzoo Top 20® very well thanks to Justin. Each week the Top 20® deals roll off the presses… Then, behold! I found a deal and grabbed it! Pathetically, my first mini vacation in years –to San Antonio. Our hotel deal was awesome! One of the top small luxury hotels in the world, Hotel Valencia, for an incredible $99/night! (personal pix forthcoming).. on the River Walk (an amazing horticultural landmark), no less! And the time, my daughter was a history & hauntings buff and was fascinated with the hauntings and ghost stories of the Alamo. San Antonio was the perfect place for us to escape to for a few days! It was July, school was out. I got the Top 20® list, called home and told my daughter to pack. I left work around noon.. serviced the car, and arrived waaay before dark! After shrimp pizza, wine and a shower.. and the best sleeping I’d done in ten years! Finest Poggesi Italian linens, on plush top mattress and feather and down pillows… I kid you not.. for her birthday in October, my 11 year old asked to replicate the hotel beds for her room. We found reasonable facsimilies at JCPenney & pulled it off! From this point on, it’s nothing but the (affordable) best for our private quarters!

As for travel deals, every one I attempted to grab thereafter from the Travelzoo Top 20® would be gone before I could book it! Usually the timing wasn’t right to take advantage of any last minute deals or my budget just didn’t match any of their offerings! Hint: WHEN YOU SEE THE DEAL, AND YOU WANT IT.. YOU MUST ACT FAST or it’s gone!

It’s been a while since I’ve actually opened up my Travelzoo Top 20® email..I did this morning,however. Ironically, my daughter and I talked about Puerto Rico when we spied that rainbow over Plano yesterday evening. We’re not just dreaming about it anymore, but planning it.. We’re even taking my mother!

Like I said. Now that I’ve got my groove back.. meaning, my fun level is back up where it belongs, I’ve taken off the stress of commuting and looking for work.. I’m back! An actual island vacation is in line with my immediate reality, of acting locally as well. Booking myself and my kid to mo’ better mojo, joie de vivre & livin’ large on a daily basis! Gracefully… Kindly… Faithfully, of course.

So… How do they do it at Travel Zoo? Watch the video:

I just thought this was too good to not share!

This weeks top travel deals on the Internet:

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