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Tapping The Power Within by Iyanla Vanzant

On September 4th, the Twentieth Anniversary Edition of Tapping the Power Within will be released nationally.

The intent is for Tapping The Power Within to hit the NY Times Bestseller’s List through sales of reporting outlets Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Borders, and you can help manifest this vision!

Please purchase your book from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles or Borders and please purchase your book on (or soon after) September 4th.

Note, the book may be available prior to September 4th, but we are asking that you please wait to purchase it when the impact of your purchase will be the greatest!

Bonuses will be offered for purchases on September 4th!

Order through this website: Inner Visions Worldwide on Sept 4th and receive:
Hardcover, FREE CD and BONUS: Signed Book Plate

People have written and spoken beautiful testimonials of how Iyanla has supported them through her work and her books.  No need to wonder how you can give back.  This is your opportunity!

This edition not only remains true to the message of the original Tapping the Power Within, it also is filled with new wisdom, insight and energy that Iyanla has gained through her groundbreaking work.  This book is a perfect marriage of the time tested and new and offers us a perfect opportunity to express our love and appreciation to Iyanla.  So please buy and promote Tapping the Power Within, and share the news of its release with your lists, family, friends and co-workers.

And if  you’re interested in the latest (to my knowledge) cable broadcast of Iyanla at her best, set your DVR to record The Truth, hosted by Jeff Johnson.. on BET, for this Sunday, August 24th 10-10:30 am Central.  I watched the last portion of it tonight, and I’ll tell you this – When you know what the truth is, you also know what it is not.  Especially when you’ve heard Iyana speak on it!

Many blessings!


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