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How to Keep Cool When The Heat is On!

I paid my electric bill today.  $241.00.  Hurt my feelings.  I try hard to be a good steward of my money. I don’t consider myself wasteful.  I even thought we could get by with using the ceiling and tower fans in our 2nd story vaulted ceiling apartment more, especially at night.  Until it became intolerable.  I’ve barely used my own washer and rarely the dryer much in a month or so, hand washing t-shirts and other delicates instead.   Heck, I even bought one of those collapsible wooden dryer racks..  I was actually pleased with myself for using this!  But after getting that $241 bill.. I’m mad at somebody!  The electric company, my landlord!  The sun!  Yesterday, I perused for complaints about electric companies in the region I live in.  I’ll post what I found out about Reliant Energy on my SWEET AND SOURS page soon.

I live in a apartment and I pay pretty good rent.  Between my living room, dining room and kitchen I have 7 windows, and 2 are sliding patio doors.  I called my landlord and asked for suggestions on how to block the sun before it’s inside my apartment, suggesting — then asking if they would subsidize solar window screens for my apartment.  I got such a round-about fluffy none answer, but I did get two days of maintenance guys in and out of my place replacing filters and some gadget in the a.c. unit over my guest bath tub.  They don’t seem to have a cure or a care for the high energy cost in here.  I do know that it’s terribly warm in my apartment this summer time and very cold last winter.  I’ve lived here less than one year.  The landlords attitude and that bill is enough to make me want to pack!  But I have no real intentions of moving.  In the mean time, this energy conservation problem is mine to fix.

North Solar comes highly recommended. I’m happy to say I’m about to be one of their newest customers.  Window measuring and sizing can be a real drag.  They make it seem very easy and it takes the burden off of me by only taking orders over the phone!  I believe these guys and their testimonials about their product, quality, service and delivery.  From what I can see they have the best selection, too.  Their products are priced 20% less than retail.

Although I read someplace that even if you have reflective or solar shades on the inside, there is still heat being trapped inside, so awnings may be a bigger help to keep the place cooler!  I’m going to try it all and and do my best to avoid moving!


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