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Express Yourself with Tees

Since last holiday season, when my 14 year old went to her first of 10 concerts, I’ve been amazed that her wardrobe has changed drastically.  We went from Disney Channel pinks and blues, to black, inks and skull waves in the names of her favorite bands!  Yikes.  She’s not the only one.  All of her friends love these bands and shop their merch tables and the merch malls — to my dismay.  They get one or two tshirts per concert, and they even shop for each other when someone misses a concert.  If I buy her a blouse or something more fashionable with color I’ll be lucky is she even likes it.. let along wear it.  What’s a mom to do?

A few months I discovered in search of a better tshirt for my daughter, that will serve to express who she is and please me at the same time!  Their art-tees fashion definitely compliments the band culture pshyche of my teen.   She’s a great kid, a gifted student and a fabulous person!  I don’t judge her, I just support her.. that includes buying her clothes..

Anyway I love Spraygraphic because it’s a community of and for Creative Minds.  God! I wish I were 18 again!  Check out their GRAPHIC APPAREL STORE.   It’s cool and offers a plethora of thought provoking t-shirts and hoodies with colors that my daughter reviewed and says she WILL wear.   Whoo-hoo!  Prices range from $12 – $20 for tees.  Long sleeves for $25, and Hoodies & Jackets are $25 – $35.  I love it!

Be part of our community. Be part of the solution….  Connect for yourself.  Look, listen, and learn.


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