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Found this interview on   Interesting … Purses, that is. I usually use two per season. One for work. One for play.  I’ve never spent more than $25 on my own purse.  I’ve spent $80 on a fashion brief case.  My 14 yr recently bought a $30 bag.  That really made her day! I have several cocktail bags, that go with the cocktail dresses and shoes I never get to wear.. Haven’t any cocktail parties to go to lately.  But that’s going to change now that own my own Butterfly Boutique® handbag and accessories trunk show business!   That’s a mouth full but it’s what I do now!  (Among other things).  Might seem a little bit off-beat of me, to some, but spiritually, it’s just right!  Below are snips of the purse interview.  Click on the links beneath it to check out my new product line. To host or attend a boutique, please contact me.

Name: Stephanie ..
Occupation: Performer.. at the Aladdin (Vegas)
How much did it cost? $40 to $50
Why did you choose this handbag today? Because the weather’s gorgeous and I’m in a good mood. It’s my “good mood” bag. It reminds me of home.
What do you like about this handbag? ..There’s a bit of classiness to it. I like the colors & it’s different.
How many handbags do you own? 25
What’s the most you ever paid for a handbag? $50
What’s in your handbag? Clockwise from top: planner, mirror compact, sunglasses, Arnica Gel, Blistex, lipgloss and an iPod with case.

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For details on hosting your FREE in-home or office Butterfly Boutique and shopping for FREE, or if you’d like to learn how to open your own Butterfly Boutique business, contact me @ 214-952-5162 / email:, Boutique Coordinator for Butterfly® ID# 001317


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