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Entrepreneurial Lesson: Priceless.

Wow!  This is a must read story.  I’ve torn it out and am framing it for inspiration.  About a woman who was determined to buy her McDonald’s franchise.  I’m not interested in buying a franchise but something she said moved me nearly to tears.. “I worked for the CDC for 20 years, but I didn’t have a legacy.  In 1998, at age 38, I was sitting in my cubicle and realized that for my daughters to gain the greatest benefit from my career, I would have to die so they could collect my life insurance policy.  I wanted something I could will to my children’s children.”

She worked 40 hour weeks, and spent her spare time, her weekends, her nights investing in her dream, working at ground zero in a McDonald’s, for free, and her franchise investment was her own money, not a loan. She’s been rejected four times, until she pulled this off!  Click on the link in the paragraph above and read the rest of Carrie Salone’s, McDonald’s franchise story.

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