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Expect a Miracle!

I’m excited to tell you that I woke up this morning with the intense desire to develop a workshop and e-course called “Expect a Miracle.”  Read about it here at JackiesMagic.

In doing my research on the Expect a Miracle title and for my workshop content, I discovered something another truly awesome thing to blog about here on Soul$avers..   It’s a Charitable Foundation targeted toward single parents and their children.  Wow!  I don’t need this now, but there was a time when I did.
I’m sure you know a struggling single parent to share this information with!

WORKING, SINGLE PARENTS who are struggling due to lack of income to provide all the ‘extras’ for their children.
Single, working parent needs to be working 30+ hours a week with children ages 5-15.

Some examples of the assistance given are:

* park programs
* camp fees
* tutoring
* school activities
* after school programs and many others

If you or someone that you know needs assistance for any of the above, you may download their online application here.


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