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I was just sitting here trying to recall the name of the movie that had this scene of two guys in the kitchen literally rolling over on the floor in laughter… Then it became clear, that wasn’t a scene out of a movie, that was real life.. Last St. Patrick’s day, at a friends’ house party, something was going on in the kitchen and I went to check it out, the host and his good buddy were both on the floor laughing so hysterically they were gasping for air and crying!  The cutest thing I’d ever seen – in real life.  The thing is, they never did reveal to the rest of us, what they were laughing about.  It probably wasn’t that funny, anyway..  Typically, what’s that funny to guys isn’t really that funny to girls. According to a recent article, men and women (just) process funny differently.  I’ve got my laugh on and invite you to Give yourself a face lift today!

Laugh at other people!  Or yourself!

These guys will help you:

Russell Peters

Henry Cho

Cedric the Entertainer

Daily 5 Top Videos:

Number 1.
Funny Videos:
The Lighter Side of McCain and Obama

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