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Babysitting Smarts!

My daughter had her very first away from home, non-family baby sitting job last night.  Two summers ago she’d taken a baby sitting certification class, but this was the first time she was officially, the baby sitter.  During our 14 mile drive to the family home, I briefed her on the dos and don’ts.. a sort of baby sitting safety check.   Since the three little ones would be asleep most of the time, I reminded her that text-ing or emailing or talking on the phone would be improper, and most importantly, if someone knocks on the door while the parents are away, don’t answer it.   Three hours later, I met the dad half way to pick her up.  My very happy accomplished teen-aged daughter told me as we drove off.. “Mom, I got paid $30 for doing basically –nothing!”  I told her maturity, presence, and responsibility in a sitter, is not “nothing” to parents.   That’s why they paid you so well.  But if it makes you feel better, you can decline a portion of that amount the next time you sit for only a couple of hours and their girls are asleep the whole time.

If your teen is baby sitting, safety education and certification makes a huge difference in their compensation.  If your teen is too busy to get to a local class, send them to an online course, like Babysitting Class.  Their course is nicely priced @ $17.50 for six classes, and after the Mastery Test is passed you get a personalized Baby Sitter’s Class Certificate and a complete set of customizable sample forms for their baby sitting business!

A wallet card
Babysitting flyer
Client Contact and Basic Emergency Information Sheet
Safety and Security Checklist
Supervision and Structure Checklist

There’s also a very nice 30% Discount for all Girl Scouts at
Doing the badge as a troop? Get a free leader’s membership for each group signup. Troop Class cost: $12.50 per girl.



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