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The Hostess SnoBall® Effect

While looking for a good deal on a case of my favorite snack cake, I came across a number of blogs, forums and photo essays on the SnoBall®. I thought my daughter and I were the only ones who craved these. Not! Though some despise ’em. Didn’t know they come in other colors. Even white. I love ’em pink! I’m always spending from $1.29 – $1.49 for them around town. I was told I should find a Hostess Outlet Bakery.. for a good deal! Can’t find one near me.

My Top 10 SnoBall® finds:

  1. Bergamot & The Hostess Snowball Encounter
  2. In Search of The Hostess Sno-Ball Recipe
  3. Eating Snowball on Flickr Photo Sharing!
  4. SnoBall® Ornaments
  5. Poll question on Hostess Snowballs: Vote/See Results
  6. Kari Minger said:
  7. Real live Snowballs
  8. Get your Hostess SnoBall® shirt!
  9. kellarama’s shop even sells Marshmallow Snowball Soap!
  10. SnoBalls in the movies:


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