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Blending nutrition with business at iHerb

In a previous post I told you that iHerb has replaced my local and online drugstore.  I love that it’s very easy to order and shipping charges are so reasonable it’s amazing!  First Time Customers Save $5 @ when you use this Coupon Code ROC607 – When you place your first order.

Do you know about iHerb Rewards? Click here
The beauty of their rewards program is simplicity. It can easily be promoted to any large group of friends and club members you may have, online and offline.

They say they will soon expand their rewards program, offering bigger incentives and exciting new opportunities to help you promote iHerb – to earn the rewards if that’s what you’re in to.

So if you’re passionate about nutrition and wish to save more at iHerb, get on board now.  By bringing in first-time buyers, you can expand your future potential while promoting

Please Note:
They’re unable to offer ‘rain checks’ for products that run out of stock during the course of any sale.
Discounts offered may not be combined with any other iHerb on-line discount.  Statements made, or products sold through, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Babysitting Smarts!

My daughter had her very first away from home, non-family baby sitting job last night.  Two summers ago she’d taken a baby sitting certification class, but this was the first time she was officially, the baby sitter.  During our 14 mile drive to the family home, I briefed her on the dos and don’ts.. a sort of baby sitting safety check.   Since the three little ones would be asleep most of the time, I reminded her that text-ing or emailing or talking on the phone would be improper, and most importantly, if someone knocks on the door while the parents are away, don’t answer it.   Three hours later, I met the dad half way to pick her up.  My very happy accomplished teen-aged daughter told me as we drove off.. “Mom, I got paid $30 for doing basically –nothing!”  I told her maturity, presence, and responsibility in a sitter, is not “nothing” to parents.   That’s why they paid you so well.  But if it makes you feel better, you can decline a portion of that amount the next time you sit for only a couple of hours and their girls are asleep the whole time.

If your teen is baby sitting, safety education and certification makes a huge difference in their compensation.  If your teen is too busy to get to a local class, send them to an online course, like Babysitting Class.  Their course is nicely priced @ $17.50 for six classes, and after the Mastery Test is passed you get a personalized Baby Sitter’s Class Certificate and a complete set of customizable sample forms for their baby sitting business!

A wallet card
Babysitting flyer
Client Contact and Basic Emergency Information Sheet
Safety and Security Checklist
Supervision and Structure Checklist

There’s also a very nice 30% Discount for all Girl Scouts at
Doing the badge as a troop? Get a free leader’s membership for each group signup. Troop Class cost: $12.50 per girl.


Fashion Made Easy!

Article from Opportunity Calls for September, Published by Butterfly Worldwide, LLC.

“Women can often be intimidated in the world of fashion. There are so many choices and so little time to sort it all out. What are the latest trends? What is style? The complexity of fashion can be overwhelming. However, Butterfly® is happy to provide a venue for women to fashionably accessorize their wardrobes without the complexity.

The in-home Boutique brings accessories to women and comfortably shows them how to spice up or subtly change an outfit to enhance their mood or make a resounding statement at an important event. Coordinators at a Boutique can show any of the variety of Gemini Earrings that cleverly accessorize attire with complementary colors or add contrasting hues to show your bold side.

A belt can accentuate your waistline or add punch to your favorite jeans with little or no effort. Butterfly has put so much thought into your fashion budget that we even offer reversible belts in contrasting colors to add twice the punch for half the money. The beautiful Reversible Python Print Belts have cool tones on one side and a rich warm tone on the other. You can’t get much more user friendly than that!

Finally, nothing can help you feel better about yourself when you walk into work or get ready for that important date than smelling as good as you look. Butterfly offers Bath products in dreamy Coconut Kiwi Lime that will have you feeling fresh and confident as you tackle your day. The best part of these wonderful products is the value you get for the dollar; they are perfect for pampering yourself or as a gift to that special friend as a pick-me-up!

Fashion is a vital part to any woman’s life! However, it doesn’t have to be complex. Butterfly understands that and has a full line of fashion accessories that easily coordinate with your outfits and your budget.”

For details on hosting your FREE in-home or office Butterfly Boutique and shopping for FREE, or if you’d like to learn how to open your own Butterfly Boutique business, contact me @ 214-952-5162 / email:, Boutique Coordinator for Butterfly® ID# 001317


I’ve been attracted to the direct sales party plan business model since 1993 when I unknowingly started my own direct sales business.  Marketing and promoting a mobil ethnic gift gallery at local expos, church events and in living rooms from from one end of Dallas to to the other.. Having my own business was gratifying but… not very lucrative.

Two months before I gave birth, I met a lady who invited me to come and learn about “a home business opportunity of life changing proportions.”  My curiosity got the best of me, I had to find out what this was about.  We snacked then chatted and watched a motivational video, when in walks a beautiful and bejeweled Black woman in a tailored pale pink suit that matched her pale pink car in the apartment parking lot.   Well, I signed up that night!  That was the first of 4 times in 11 years that I’d joined the ranks of the pink car nation.

Being a brick and mortar business owner, and even owning a direct sales/party plan business isn’t easy.  Nothing worth having, ever is -easy.  But you will find there are lots of disenchanted people who have encountered set backs that render them broken hearted or broke financially, after they attempted this type of business.  Not making excuses, but there are lots of reasons for failure.   I contend that it is possible for anyone who wants it, to achieve the highest level of success with a direct sales party plan/network marketing business.

There are advantages of selling through direct sales/party plan.

~ Home parties allow you to use contacts you already have.
~ Home parties allow you to work on your own schedule.
~ Home parties allow you to sell to customers who are ready to buy your product.
~ Home parties allow you to sell actual merchandise on the spot using demos, or take orders for what you don’t carry in stock from catalogs.
~ The jury is out on carrying stock or using demos and catalogs.. Depends on who you talk to.  Either way works.
~ The bottom line is, You’re not in business until you sell something.

What ever you do, make sure you check out any work-for-yourself business before committing.  While a lot of companies are excellent income generators, you have to work at it and have the desire to be in this type of business.

Take a look at my Directory of Purpose Driven Party Plans, maybe there’s something there for you.  This list is a work in progress.  Check back.

Good luck.

Earn Up To $500 – Free!

Tonight I learned from a new friend @ (who’s been teaching me the ways of successful blogging) about a new payment network -similar to Western Union and Paypal and the like.  It’s called Revolution Money Exchange.

This is how Revolution Money Exchange works.  For each friend, family, co-worker, neighbor that registers and is approved, we get a $10 referral bonus to add to her NYC trip bank.  You simply click on the Revolution Money Exchange SIGN UP NOW button on the SoulSavers home page (or in this post).  It doesn’t take long to register and get approved.  We get a $10 bonus for each referral, up to $500!  And when you register, you have the same opportunity to earn referral bonuses as well!  That’s FREE money! I love it!

Easily exchange money online.
MoneyExchange is the new way to send and receive money online between MoneyExchange accountholders. It’s a great way to exchange money with friends, family, colleagues, or online sellers. Share restaurant, travel, or household expenses. It’s easy, secure and, best of all, it’s FREE to register and FREE to send and receive money between MoneyExchange accountholders.

I’ll keep you posted on our fund raising efforts with this.  Please check back!
And thanks in advance for signing up using my referral link!

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