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Ever feel stuck where you are in life?  Disenchanted with yourself, your income, your job?   For a couple of years now I’ve been receiving an email newsletter and daily Inspirational Nudges from  The newsletter is very thoughtful and offers information, online courses, teleconferences and credible sources and good ideas on how to work when, where and how you want.  Of all the the newsletters out there, this is the only one I subscribe to.   It’s the only one that really makes sense!  Not a bunch of hype but authentic and insightful.  Warning, if you’re anything like me and haven’t figured out exactly what you love so you can do it, this is the best place to start.

Click here for info on their Fast Track Your Dreams Program
Sign up & get a FREE 100+ page copy of: “How to Work When, Where, and How You Want” delivered immediately. (A $29 value!) PLUS

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The Changing Course Newsletter, too.  (FREE)
Best selling author of Wishcraft, I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was, and Refuse to Choose, Barbara Sher says, “It’s the only newsletter I read.”

Here’s Today’s Inspirational Nudge from

Life is to be lived.
If you have to support yourself,
you had bloody well
better find some way
that is going to be interesting.

~ Katherine Hepburn ~

“Isolation is the dream killer,” Barbara Sher
Live Life on purpose
Work at what you love
Follow your own road
Supporting your dreams since 1995


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