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Who are you trying to please?

If you’ve never heard the term “wetter is better,” then you didn’t have the same romance party rep I had.   You’ve seen the KY commercials on t.v.?  Yeeeh!  Someone finally decided to take the personal lubricant out of the closet and put it where it belongs.  It’s good for women’s dryness issues and such, but it’s not just for those who neeeeeeed it.  Lots on the market, a select few stand out.  Whether you’ve got a minute man or a marathon man, get something for you.

Notable naturals and organics:

Good Clean Love has a monthly Love Products Giveaway.  Sign up to win.

Celebrations Of Love is having a 25% OFF SALE of all of their sensual products including their organic flavored, homeopathic, and menopaus formulas.

Lovrub is on sale, and the if you buy 3, you can get one free!

P.S.  Petroleum jelly and baby oil are not safe personal lubricants.