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I’d forgotten what I love about Whole Foods Market, until… last night, that is.  My grandmother turned 87 on the 19th.  Yesterday was the 20th. My daughter and I live 50 miles away but we totally forgot to even call her.. Out of guilt, we decided to drive across Dallas last night.  We did call to announce we were on the way, only to learn that she was a church revival.

Before we left out neck of the woods we knew the best place to go for edible gifts and other nice things at 8:30 at night is Whole Foods.  Whole Foods should make me the poster child for their Berry Chantilly cake.  Berry Chantillyis three luscious layers of a golden vanilla cake filled with layers of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries then drizzled with orange-raspberry simple syrup. Topped off with a creamy Chantilly frosting and a cluster of more sweet juicy blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.  It’s absolutely delicious!  My grandmother arrived home shortly after we got there, not recognizing my car in her driveway, but delighted to see us bearing cute little gifts!  Aside from the gift bag itself, the berries on the cake were her fascination – asking.. “Are they edible?”

The gift bag was a giant recycled grocery tote with gorgeous vintage feathered graphics in a collage..  The prettiest I’ve seen anywhere.  She really loved this!  We predict she’ll use it for more than her groceries.  After all, she is 87, and it’s allowed.  She’ll even like that every time she uses her bag @ Whole Foods they will deduct 10 cents from her grocery bill!  Hey! Every penny counts.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

The most fun we’ve had in a while.. was the presentation of these gifts to my grandmother.  The second most fun we’ve had was shopping for these gifts at Whole Foods.  I think I’ve blogged previously that the helpers at Whole Foods leave me disenchanted … except for the people in the bakery, so I avoid going there as often as I would like.   Maybe I should stick to late night shopping.

The bags are $11.99 at Whole Foods stores and