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Save 10% with Bluedango

I’ve been wondering where to begin.. when this morning I received an email from a very cool place to shop. I was invited to the Trunk Show in Dallas but couldn’t make it. Check out their offerings, I’m sure you’ll find plenty to love! Hope they don’t mind that I did a cut n paste from the email..

Save 10% with bluedango
What is a Somo Special, exactly? Well, it’s an exclusive offer to save 10% off any purchase made between now and September 15th. So, if you’re moving to go away to school, or you’re decorating your dorm or apartment, we’re here to help.
And, our Somo Special is not just for students. Even if it’s been a while since you’ve been in school, it’s never too late to learn. In the spirit of learning something new and celebrating cultural diversity, we actually borrowed the word Somo from Swahili, which translates into education. So, now you can pass the Somo test with flying colors. Wasn’t that easy?
To take advantage of our Somo Special, just enter the code: SOMO on the confirmation page of the checkout process, and select Update Price. It’s like getting a gold star in school, only better.

Smart and Sassy School Supplies

We’ve recently been featuring our Karatasi bowls as a smart and sassy way to make a bold statement about yourself and your environment.

Our Karatasi bowls are made of a variety of recycled labels and definitely add a colorful twist to storing paper clips, rubber bands, and other school and office supplies. Mix and match different shapes and sizes to add fun and color to your dorm room or home office.

Creative Writing Class

While we’re on the subject of Karatasi bowls, we want to know how you use yours. We know you’re creative, so tell us your Karatasi bowl story–we’re anxious to hear. Send your story and pictures of you and/or your Karatasi bowl to

Just include “Where’s Your Karatasi Bowl?” in the subject line. We’ll reward the best ideas and feature the best in class in an upcoming newsletter.

The Blue Ribbon Goes To…

On June 26th, we hosted our Top-Drawer Trunk Show in Dallas. We were fortunate to be joined by some of our finest customers. One of whom summarized it best by saying, ‘A great time was had by all,’ and we agree.

And, we must take a moment to congratulate the winner of our Top-Drawer drawing, Jenni M. We didn’t actually get her a blue ribbon, but we think she’ll like her new suede rug even better.

Did You Know?

Our customers no longer need an account to shop with Of course, we appreciate our bluedango account holders, but we also know that people may want to simply checkout as a guest. So, if you don’t yet have an account with us, come on by and shop as a guest.

And, you know the saying of the more the merrier? Invite your friends, too. We love meeting new people.