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In the mood for Walmart or Target?

My daughter told me this funny story:  During an in-school event there was a contest with a drawing for a Target gift card as the prize.  The girl who won, went to the front of the class to claim her prize and returned to her crowd of friends to reveal that the value of the card was a mere $10.  The general consensus of her friends.. “You can’t get much with $10.”  The girl said she was ok with that as her family doesn’t shop at Target anyway.  One of the other girls had this look of horror on her face..  Asking..”Well, where do you get your clothes?”  The girl with the gift card answered:  “The mall.”  The next question was.. “Well, where do you get your food?”  The girl answered,  “The grocery store.”  My daughter tells me the girl with the questions stood there a few seconds with her mouth open in utter amazement that her family seemed to be shopping at Target for clothes and food and everyone else had grocery stores and malls.  Kinda sad when you think about it. That this 8th grader had no clue.

Well, I certainly don’t spend too much time at Target myself.. But there happens to be a this sorta nice, one-of-a-kind Walmart in Plano and a matching Target right across the street from it, that I will make my way to when I’m being especially thrifty or when I’m looking for those special things I know I can’t find any place else.

~I go to Walmart:
When I need to get my stash of this family favorite, those 16oz bags of StarLight Mints made with real peppermint oil Walmart has these for just $1.00.  You would think these are made by some specialty candy maker, but they’ve actually got the Great Value label on the bag.  I’ve recently noticed a price increase from $1.00 to $1.25 or $1.50.  At first I refused to pay the increase, then I realized,  can’t find these any place else for this price!  I just grab a few bags and go.  Only Walmart can do that low price thing, so well, huh?

Another reason I find myself in Walmart is to stock up on is their Sam’s Choice brand of Southwestern Black Bean and White Corn Salsa in the 24oz jar.  I’ve only found this at their store at the Tollway and Park in Plano.  The veggies are fresh and crunchy, and it’s really good.  I usually get 2 to 4 for only $1.69-$1.89ish.   It must be made locally because you get so much for so little.  I use this when I make spanish rice or my home made version of Taco Bell’s Southwest Chicken Border Bowls.  I make my rice and mix the salsa in to it!  It’s delicious!  The funny thing is, I’ve found this same brand salsa in a smaller jar placed in the chips & dips section in the same store, for a price much higher than the 24oz jar!  Hmmmm?  So be sure to look for the 24oz jar for $1.69-$1.89 on the ethnic sauce aisle and not the chips and dip aisle.

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When we’re craving Archer Farms Vanilla flavored low fat yogurt, we trek over to Target.  We prefer the Archer Farms brand over all other non/low fat vanilla flavored yogurt brands.  We’ve taste-tested the rest with our fresh berries, bananas and granola, and this one is really the best!  They usually have plenty in stock at their Tollway and Park store.  (Plus beer and wine, too! So it’s not a wasted trip.)  And then there are those really neat washcloths packs. I love those! They’re a stack of washcloths in cool colors priced from $2.99  to $4.99 depending on whether you get stripes or solids, 8pk or 12pk.  They’re of pretty good quality, but most of all they’re so cute! Great for a few months of use around the house for every purpose. I really love that they come in a bundle tied with a cute ribbon!   They make great add-ons to friends and family gift bags!

I love these! 

And here’s a helpful article on how to shop and get the best deals @ Target!