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FREE to Learn to Change Your Thinking and Your Life!

I originally posted about this amazing spiritual teacher at my JackiesMagic blog in July.  And I thought it appropriate to share info and insight about The Work here as well, after discoverings Oprah’s SoulSERIES Webcasts featuring conversations with Byron Katie.  Since I managed to cry myself to sleep, yet again, last night, I awoke with more questions than answers, and remembered the four most important questions that helps me end the suffering and find the answers, or at the very least, change what I don’t want in my life, with all my power, right now!  All SoulSERIES webcasts on are FREE to watch or listen to, and this one with Byron Katie is truly worth it’s weight in gold!  You can also get started and do The Work for FREE right here at   This is better than a bargain!  IT’S HEALING. IT’S LIFE CHANGING!

Excerpt from my Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts blog..
..Yesterday I came across some fantastic food for thought! A Theatre Of The Mind podcast with Kelly Howell, founder of Brain Sync and Byron Katie (or “Katie” as she is called) a thought transformation and spiritual teacher. I’d never heard of Katie before yesterday.. Her method of self-inquiry, called The Work, is based on four questions and a process called a “turnaround.” I have a feeling I’m going to get to know The Work of Byron Katie very well. She totally speaks my language!

I snapped out of my temporary depression as I listened to the.. Four Questions To Change Your Life podcast.. These are questions you ask yourself she says, when you believe the (negative, stressful) thoughts you’re having.

The four questions are:

  1. Is it true?
  2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
  3. How do you react when you believe that thought?
  4. Who would you be without the thought?

I am not sure what my core issue is.. Loneliness? Boredom? Too many choices? Not enough focus? Fear of running out of money? Fear of taking a job just for the money? Knowing and even going for what I want, but not being sure I have the resources or credibility to pull it off?.. Whatever it is, I believe that a resolution is forthcoming as I listen and study The Work.