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I’ve been attracted to the direct sales party plan business model since 1993 when I unknowingly started my own direct sales business.  Marketing and promoting a mobil ethnic gift gallery at local expos, church events and in living rooms from from one end of Dallas to to the other.. Having my own business was gratifying but… not very lucrative.

Two months before I gave birth, I met a lady who invited me to come and learn about “a home business opportunity of life changing proportions.”  My curiosity got the best of me, I had to find out what this was about.  We snacked then chatted and watched a motivational video, when in walks a beautiful and bejeweled Black woman in a tailored pale pink suit that matched her pale pink car in the apartment parking lot.   Well, I signed up that night!  That was the first of 4 times in 11 years that I’d joined the ranks of the pink car nation.

Being a brick and mortar business owner, and even owning a direct sales/party plan business isn’t easy.  Nothing worth having, ever is -easy.  But you will find there are lots of disenchanted people who have encountered set backs that render them broken hearted or broke financially, after they attempted this type of business.  Not making excuses, but there are lots of reasons for failure.   I contend that it is possible for anyone who wants it, to achieve the highest level of success with a direct sales party plan/network marketing business.

There are advantages of selling through direct sales/party plan.

~ Home parties allow you to use contacts you already have.
~ Home parties allow you to work on your own schedule.
~ Home parties allow you to sell to customers who are ready to buy your product.
~ Home parties allow you to sell actual merchandise on the spot using demos, or take orders for what you don’t carry in stock from catalogs.
~ The jury is out on carrying stock or using demos and catalogs.. Depends on who you talk to.  Either way works.
~ The bottom line is, You’re not in business until you sell something.

What ever you do, make sure you check out any work-for-yourself business before committing.  While a lot of companies are excellent income generators, you have to work at it and have the desire to be in this type of business.

Take a look at my Directory of Purpose Driven Party Plans, maybe there’s something there for you.  This list is a work in progress.  Check back.

Good luck.