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Get A Whiff Of This!

Last holiday season I gifted for myself that biblical>> Frankincense & Myrrh sampler Zum Bag (9 bucks or so in the store $15 online) from Indigo Wild, sold at Central Market apparently during the holidays only. It contained a wealth of fun and fragrance “Hip, zipped and whipped into shape… teenyful, tinyful and chock-full of mini Indigo Wild – Oil, Mist, Body, Tub, Kiss stick, Soap Bars and Rub.”  T’was gone bye-bye in a few weeks & Central Market was not restocking.  I resorted to and discovered a wealth of other favorites that I can’t seem to do without.  Got on their email offers list and soon went shopping with a too good to pass up deal on things I couldn’t get at the local market.

I ordered The Zum Clean Laundry Soap in Frankincense & Myrrh and Lavendar Zum Bar and got an assortment of other goodies for free!  The laundry detergent is a fabulous low sudsing, highly concentrated all natural detergent with no chemicals and 100% pure essential oils!    Once my washing machine burned out and I ended up hauling my wet and dry laundry to a coin operated laundro-mat that was extremely worst for wear, but functional if not only quite funky.  I felt like a true snob doling out doses of Frankincense & Myrrh into my laundry loads.  You look around and see people sniffing the air.  Made me chuckle.  The Zum Bar Goats Milk Soaps come in an array of flavors.. ahh.. fragrances, I mean!  My favorites are Lavendar and Patchouli and I usually pick these up at Central Market now, to save on the shipping and handling.  The hand crafted bars around $3-$4something each.. but they’re awesome affordable luxuries!

But if you like to shop online and be privvy to deals straight from the Indigo Wild folks, do me this favor?  Tell ’em I sent you!  Pleeeeaze?  I’d love to get their email voucher… “Thank Yous” for a FREE Zum Bar when you shop!   What’s in it for you?   Well…  your skin will thank you.  As will I.

Click here to sign up for your own special offers from Indigo Wild.

These guys, not only offers free shipping on Indigo Wild products with orders of $70 or more, but they also offer a plethora of healthy products for ethnic skin care and hair care.  Check ’em out.